Apple’s in the midst of its latest earnings call for investors at the moment, and just announced some jaw-dropping iPhone sales leading to record quarterly profit; it’s a good time to be Apple. But these sort of calls aren’t just about looking back on what the company has done to date, and are also designed to give us a little insight into how the next quarter should fare for Apple stockholders. While we’re probably still several months away from any new tablet hardware, not to mention a new iPhone, Apple Watch sales have been looming in the shadows since the hardware was first announced last year – just when will they get started? We’ve heard plenty of rumors, but now things are finally getting official, as Tim Cook sets an April date for the start of shipments.

Previously, we had expected the Watch to start selling a little earlier. Some rumors suggested a release date as soon as Valentine’s Day, while more recent accounts had it looking like Apple might be training its retail staff for Watch sales in February, followed by getting sales started in March. Instead, we’ll have a slightly longer delay before we can get our hands on the smartwatch, with it not surfacing until we’re solidly into spring.

Cook didn’t offer any new details about Apple Watch pricing, one of the other big questions (like battery life) hanging over the wearable’s release. It may still be another couple months before we see specific figures confirmed beyond the $350 base level we know about now, but we wouldn’t be surprised for leaks to give us a bit of a preview as we get closer and closer to April.

Source: Apple

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