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It seems that the battery of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 has appeared at the Korea Testing and Research Institute. The battery was then found and posted by Twitter user @yabhishekhd, and it reveals the battery size of Apple’s wearable.

The Korea Testing and Research Institute has issued a certification for a 1.17Wh battery with 303.8mAh capacity on June 23. This certification is allegedly for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, because of the battery’s shape, size, and model number A2327. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a 296mAh battery capacity with model number A2181, and they are both visually identical. The battery is listed in the “fitness” category, which would be adequate for an Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 could improve the 18-hour battery life that comes with the Series 5. It is also supposed to feature blood oxygen monitoring, better water resistance, and enhanced wireless transmission.

Source MacRumors

Via Twitter

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