Apple Watch Series 4 experiencing daylight saving bug?

Daylight Saving Time is starting to end across the world. As we set our watches one hour forward, problems are popping up. That is especially true for users of the new Apple Watch Series 4. Multiple owners in Australia are complaining about their Series 4 Apple Watch being stuck in a bootloop. This happens as standard time kicks in.

Apparently, the problem appears to be with the Activity complication on the Series 4 Apple Watch. Its Infograph Modular face doesn’t seem to be able to handle a day that’s 23 hours long, instead of 24. This apparently determines the watch to get in a bootloop. One owner who complained put his watch down at night at 70 percent charge to wake up to it completely depleted.

There’s two things that you can do. First, is obviously do nothing and wait for the next day to have 24 hours again. Second, some users managed to change the watch face on the Series 4 using the app on their iPhones. Engadget reports that Apple did not yet comment on the matter. As a matter of fact, more and more users will likely experience this on their Apple Watch Series 4.

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