Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE uses existing phone number

As the leaked “golden master” code of iOS 11 — essentially the final version yet to be officially released — continues to get worked out, we’re learning that the new Apple Watch with cellular capabilities will use LTE from users’ voice line carriers and will hold onto their existing numbers.

Code also indicates that a dialog box may pop up as users set up the watch on their tethered iPhone and, depending on the carrier, will notify them of a “special introductory” trial plan for cellular service with the Apple Watch, which we’re calling the Apple Watch Series 3 for the time being. There is an implied potential that a trial may be free. 9to5Mac, which got the dig on this code, notes that a “preinstalled” plan is also mentioned in the repository and could be in reference to carrier-sold watches.

Users can also remove the cellular plan from being used on the smartwatch, preventing further data usage and probable fees. However, they are advised to contact the carrier to actually cancel the associated plan if they want to be completely rid of it.

The Apple Watch Series 3 should debut with three new iPhones on September 12.

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