Apple Watch Series 3 faces major LTE activation trouble in the UK, EE helps users cope

Between relatively weak iPhone 8 demand, a couple of isolated but very troubling damage reports, extended iPhone X production woes and early widespread Apple Watch Series 3 LTE malfunctions, you could say Apple has enough on its plate already dealing with hot new iDevices. Not to mention a number of iOS 11 issues that have likely slowed down the platform update’s rollout.

Over in the UK however, it’s probably not fair to blame Cupertino for an epidemic of Apple Watch cellular connectivity activation failures on the country’s leading mobile network operator. EE’s community support team has generally been helpful and prompt addressing complaints expressed on the carrier’s official message board, although in most cases, users have had to go through quite a bit of hassle to iron out the wearable’s kinks.

Dozens, maybe hundreds, of early Series 3 adopters in Great Britain were faced with one of four common error messages, including error code 019 and 007, “activation failed”, and “this account is not ready to use with Apple Watch.”

The exact cause of these eerily similar problems remains unknown, but after contacting EE, most users impacted found that unpairing their watches from their iPhones, turning the former off for a few hours, and starting the setup process fresh can do the trick.

Still, these types of snafus, especially shortly after a product’s commercial launch, are often extremely damaging for both the manufacturing company and wireless service provider, no matter whose fault it is. Worse yet, EE just so happens to be the only British supporter of the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE.

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