Apple Watch Series 3 only touts ‘over 1 hour’ of LTE talk time battery life, up to 18 hours overall

Nowhere near as spectacular an upgrade as the “all screen” iPhone X compared to its predecessors, the incremental Apple Watch Series 3 does come with a paramount new feature.

It’s unsurprisingly something many Android Wear and Tizen-powered rivals have offered for quite a while now, but as always, the Cupertino-based tech titan can count on stronger support from carrier partners, as well as superior marketing.

Unfortunately, as cool as it may be to initiate and receive voice calls with no help from a connected phone, standalone cellular capabilities will badly impact your precious new Apple Watch’s running time between charges.

Just like the Series 1, the third-gen watchOS wearable device promises to keep the lights on for “up to” 18 hours. But that’s only if you limit your daily workout to a measly 30 minutes, Bluetooth music playback included, your use of various wrist apps to 45 minutes, as well as time checks and notifications to 90 instances each.

The workout-only numbers officially detailed on Apple’s website are understandably lower, but overall acceptable, letting you monitor your heart rate for up to 10 hours indoors, up to 5 hours out for a run with just the GPS turned on, and 4 hours if you add LTE to the enabled outdoor functionality list.

A direct LTE connection on your wrist totally annihilates the endurance of the Apple Watch Series 3, which is apparently capable of lasting “over 1 hour” in continuous talk time. That goes up to around 180 minutes if you rely on iPhone synchronization for your voice communications.

Those are arguably far from ideal battery life figures across the board, with that single hour of cellular autonomy in particular feeling rather worrisome. But if it’s any consolation, audio playback numbers are somehow up, from 6.5 to an estimated maximum of 10 hours.

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