Apple Watch Series 2 battery is a full third larger than original model, teardown shows

While it’s likely nowhere near as popular as the completely sold-out iPhone 7 Plus, the second-generation Apple Watch, aka Series 2, also launches today, and might be hard to come by in certain colors and configurations at first, currently listed as shipping in several weeks or even months from the official Cupertino e-store.

But if you’re only curious to take a quick peek under the hood of a 38mm Series 2, iFixit follows the all-revealing iPhone 7 Plus teardown with a similarly vicious disassembly of the waterproof iOS-compatible wearable.

Don’t worry, the repair experts will try to put the whole thing back together, which doesn’t seem all that complicated, despite there being “enough adhesive to hold an iPad screen in place.” It’s not because Apple engineers have a weird fetish for glue (hopefully), instead joining hands with a number of gaskets and o-rings to keep water out even while swimming and wearing this beastly beaut.

Speaking of beastliness, the Apple Watch 2’s new battery looks impressive on paper, with 273mAh capacity, up a massive 33 percent from the first-gen’s 205 juice total. Alas, the significantly larger cell may not be able to squeeze out better autonomy, given the addition of a GPS antenna.

The Taptic Engine is also described as “noticeably” bigger, so it’s quite the engineering feat Apple managed to keep the Series 2 relatively slim (11.4mm), and lightweight (starting at 28 grams).

Source: iFixit

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