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Both Apple and Samsung made a point of boasting robust smartphone shipments in the July-September timeframe, with the former also reporting specific numbers for iPads and Macs, and the latter identifying Exynos chipsets as a pivotal growth driver.

But the two tech titans were equally mum on the Q3 box-office performance of their respective smartwatches, which was a little weird, and signaled things aren’t exactly rosy in the fledgling market segment.

Research firm Strategy Analytics aims to solve the mystery, estimating around 4.5 million Apple Watches were pushed out of Cupertino’s factory doors to end users during the three months tracked, while Samsung barely totaled 600,000 wearable unit sales.

Oddly, the story relayed by The Korea Herald talks of Samsung’s “wearable device” (singular, not plural), so it’s unclear if only the Gear S is accounted for, or the first-gen Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Fit as well. Either way, the Korean OEM definitely sits in second place, and is no contender for the gold medal… yet.

The charming circular Gear S2 reportedly got off to a great start in Samsung’s homeland, and as it spreads worldwide, Strategy Analytics believes it could well “threaten” Apple’s “overwhelming presence” in the niche.

Speaking of overwhelming, global smartwatch sales from all manufacturers totaled 6.1 million copies in Q3 2015, a six fold year-on-year upsurge, meaning Cupertino alone seized a lofty 73 percent or so slice of the pie. Samsung’s share circled 10 percent, while Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Asus, Sony and all the other guys had to settle for a combined million units and humble 16 percent stake.

Source: The Korea Herald

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