There are two conflicting theories circulating around the rumor mill in regards to the second-generation Apple Watch no doubt slated for a 2016 rollout. This will either break cover in a month or two and highly resemble its predecessor both internally and externally, or wait until fall to commercially launch and bring a slew of important hardware and software revisions to the table.

Like it or not, the former hypothesis is gaining credibility by the day, as well-informed tipsters and analysts chime in with intel supporting the existence of a so-called Apple Watch S. Piper Jaffray’s managing director, Gene Munster, reportedly sent an internal note to clients on Tuesday, claiming he’s got the skinny on this “S” version with “similar design, and upgraded components.”

That may not sound great for folks who had dreamed of a more stylish, less futuristic “iWatch” 2, but “upgraded components” at least suggests device performance and overall user interaction will be shaken up a bit.

Specifically, Munster says, the processor and battery are to be “upgraded”, with “new band styles” also in the pipeline, which alongside the previously gossiped adoption of a FaceTime camera, would probably make for a decent incremental follow-up.

Of course, a wearable’s own wireless radio, allowing for standalone, non-iPhone-dependent operation, is out of the question, as that sort of enhancement would definitely fall under the major update rubric. But will Cupertino unveil two Apple Watch generations this year, or should we only expect the full-on sequel in 2017?

Source: Business Insider

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