Here at Pocketnow we’re fond of review rebuttals, mainly because the needs of one editor are different to the needs of others. Michael’s review of the Apple Watch has been live for a few weeks now, but just like it’ll happen to you and even a close friend, his taste is dramatically different to mine. I’m particularly very picky about watches, mainly because I have to actually like one in order to be willing to use it, or let alone buy it. So it’s only fair that I clarify that when deciding what smartwatch to buy a few months ago, I jumped the gun for a stainless steel Moto 360 instead of an Apple Watch.

That said, I’ve spent the last few weeks with our Apple Watch review unit, and the experience has dramatically exceeded my expectations in some things, and has underwhelmed me in others. No matter how often I go back to the Moto 360, I always find myself drifting back to the Apple Watch, and this video will explain why.

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