New Apple Watch pricing rumors suggest you’d better start saving now

By all accounts, the release of the Apple Watch is still many months away – and to hear the latest rumors, even that anticipated early 2015 start to sales may not be quite so “early.” But eventually, the smartwatch will go up for sale, and based on Apple’s reputation alone, it’s almost guaranteed to sell like hotcakes. When that happens, though, just how much will you find yourself shelling out for one of these wearables? We’ve heard rumors talking about the possibility of a sky-high price for the premium gold Watch Edition model, as well a quite-pricy-in-its-own-right steel version, but so far Apple’s only given us one hard number, revealing $350 as the starting point for the series – presumably for the aluminum Watch Sport hardware. Now a new source weighs-in on some of those figures, and while the gold Apple Watch may still cost a mint, its steel cousin could be a bit more attainable.

To refresh, last time we heard this pricing rumored, the idea was that the steel Apple Watch could sell for a hefty $1000, with the gold Watch Edition demanding a bank-breaking $5000.

This new source doesn’t do much to change our expectations for the Watch Edition; a proposed price falling in the $4000-$5000 range isn’t too far off that earlier estimate. There’s just no way to make a watch this size with so much solid gold and expect it to come in much more affordably.

Where we see something a little more interesting is in this source’s claims about the steel Apple Watch, and how it could sell for more like $500. That’s still significantly more expensive than the current crop of smartwatches on other platforms, but it does manage to cross one key psychological barrier: it would be less expensive than the iPhone. Asking customers to pay more for a watch than their phone, especially one crafted from something as pedestrian as steel, could have been a tough sell, but at $500, Apple could easily stand to sell a much higher volume.

Source: iGen (Google Translate)
Via: phoneArena

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