Check out that huge spike in Apple Watch sales. Yep, that actually happened right after Tim Cook announced a $50 price cut for the Apple Watch Sport. It’s also good to note that we’ve pretty much seen a doubling in sales sustained over about a month’s time. In fact, Slice Intelligence believes it has measured a 250 percent increase in average daily sales from before to after the March 21 event. These numbers are based on 1,174 online receipts.

Adding onto purchases, customers decided that the new woven nylon bands were a good first choice — those bands made up 60 percent of first-party sales since their debut. But initial fever that brought average band add-ons per purchase up to 1.6 in mid-March has now faded in mid-to-late April with the number now at 1.3.

Slice has also updated profiling for iPhone SE buyers as sales remain at 4 percent of iPhone 6 sales from this point in their respective runs. 15 percent of customers switched platforms to buy the device while 54 percent held off from upgrades in the past two years. It goes to show that the four-inch iPhone still holds an important place in Apple’s user base.

The iPad Pro 9.7 has been steadily increasing the sales pace, but it’s still only a fraction of what the original iPad Pro (12.9) mustered: first month sales of the smaller tablet measured at 55 percent of the larger one, better than the first week sales number at 37 percent.

Apple is reporting quarterly earnings tomorrow.

Source: AppleInsider
Via: PhoneArena

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