Apple Store opens for Watch, MacBook orders

The Apple Store is finally back online with the appearance of two highly-anticipated products of two highly-anticipated products. Both the Apple Watch and MacBook have become available for order through the online portal (in varying capacities), as weeks of waiting have come to an end following initial reviews. Apple Watch pre-orders in particular have been anticipated since the product’s initial announcement in September of last year.

For the Apple Watch, interested customers are now able to put in a pre-order for the model they’re interested in, and then orders will begin shipping on April 24. In-store demonstrations of the device will begin today, as stores across the countries start getting stock. However, buyers will be told to make use of the online portal to pre-order – you won’t be able to buy in-store.

In the case of the 12-inch MacBook (the ultra-thin model with a Retina display), you’ll be able to buy it now and have it shipping soon. Store availability is expected to start as of today.

As of now, shipping times are relatively tame, but as the night goes on and the next day begins it’s to be expected that those expected dates will slide further as availability becomes scarcer.

Source: Apple Store

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