Apple gets sued over insisting on “iWatch” to refer to the Apple Watch

There’s no denying that Apple is today’s patent and trademark troll. The company doesn’t waste time in defending its patents from competitors, even if some cases are debatable. Apple is not exempt from trademark litigation though, and today the company gets a new one.

Apple has just gained a new lawsuit in Europe over the use of the name “iWatch.” If you’re scratching your head over why this can happen if Apple’s wearable was finally dubbed the “Apple Watch,” there’s actually a valid reason. Probendi Limited has owned the name “iWatch” in the European Union since way before the product existed, back in 2008. This trademark is claimed to be the main reason why Apple decided to call its wearable the Apple Watch, but against its will it seems.

Apple has been reluctant stop calling it the iWatch, and we’ve even seen cases where the company’s CEO refers to it as iWatch. As a result, it seems that Cupertino wanted to avoid any sort of consumer confusion, and what it did was buy Google ads that direct anyone who searches for “iWatch” to the Apple Watch website. Probendi Limited clearly didn’t like this, and has decided to retaliate back. Keep in mind that this wouldn’t be the first iWatch lawsuit, as Swatch also wanted a piece of the pie.

It’s sad to see that Probendi doesn’t really have a product that uses the name iWatch for this to actually matter, but hey, this wouldn’t be the first time that smaller companies use cases like these to bank on larger ones.

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Source: Bloomberg
Via: 9to5Mac

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