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Apple Watch Kardia Band will soon record your ECG, detect imminent strokes

By Adrian Diaconescu March 16, 2016, 6:00 am

It appears the future is now for the advanced medical use of the currently entertainment-focused Apple Watch, despite the wearable’s manufacturers having yet to receive FDA clearance for its numerous health-preserving and disease-combating projects.

A third-party team of heart health and mobile technology experts has an ingenious new “iWatch” band in the pipeline which will be able to supply purportedly accurate ECG or EKG readings, as well as warn you of potential cerebrovascular accidents.

The company behind the Kardia Band is called AliveCor, and you may recognize the name from its line of Android and iPhone-compatible ECG “attachment plates” and cases. Just as those accessories sync to AliveECG apps available for free in Google Play and the iOS App Store, so will the Kardia Band work in partnership with a new Apple Watch app, neatly integrated into Cupertino’s own Health program.


Designed to look as inconspicuous as possible, the silicon strap features a handy sensor you need to press to measure the electrical activity of your “ticker” over a set period of time. Once it does that, you’ll get alerts of abnormal rhythms or anything the least bit problematic, and the app can be programmed to automatically send data to your personal physician.

The Kardia Band prevents strokes too by detecting atrial fibrillation, and all for the price of £200 on British shores and, presumably, $200 stateside. A firm release date isn’t booked yet, but you should be able to buy the life-saving Apple Watch accessory in around two months.

Sources: Engadget, Jersey Evening Post


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