Apple Watch finally goes on sale in India starting at the equivalent of $470

As of October 9, the Apple Watch was up for grabs in 30 global markets, after six release waves, the first of which saw the iPhone-compatible wearable debut in stores across Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, and US on April 24.

30 countries in around six months. Not a bad world tour for even the most popular rock bands, possibly a stronger distribution effort than any other 2015 smartwatch, yet considerably short of just two waves that spread the iPhone 6s/6s Plus love from Andorra to Bulgaria to Greenland, Russia and Taiwan in a few weeks.

Next time you want to compare the sales figures of the two essentially different product families, keep that in mind as well. Also, this – the Apple Watch barely rolls out to one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets today, November 6, a full three weeks on the heels of the regional iPhone 6s launch.

Worse yet, Indians are charged an arm and a leg for even the lowest-end Sport configuration. Specifically, Rs 30,900, which converts to roughly $470, or 120 bucks north of the 38mm model’s US price tag.

Meanwhile, a 42mm version with silver 7000 series aluminum case and plastic band costs Rs 34,900 ($530), and non-Sport Apple Watches made of stainless steel start at the whopping equivalent of $740 with the same “fluoroelastomer” straps.

Want something truly premium-looking? Then be prepared to cough up Rs 60,900 ($925) for a Classic Buckle leather-encircled model, or $1,400 on a Link Bracelet arrangement. Finally, luxury Apple Watch Editions go for between $12,000 and $21K with hardened 18-karat gold bodies.

Newsflash, Cupertino – India is a country where affordable, mid-range handhelds still rule. Who do you think’s going to spend small fortunes on your (not very) intelligent timepieces around those parts?

Source: The Times of India

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