Various metrics suggest Apple Watch thrilled over the holidays, selling 5.5 million copies

Technically, the holiday season isn’t over yet. But for the most part, holiday shopping has come to a halt, booze and fireworks notwithstanding. Hence, it’s as good as time as any to assess the box-office feats of today’s most popular or controversial gadgets during the most critical three-month period of the year.

As you might expect, the Apple Watch’s Q4 2015 sales figures look just as bittersweet as Q2 and Q3 scores, with some analysts deeming them disheartening, and others putting them in a cheerful perspective.

What’s pretty much set in stone is the “iWatch” once again trumped all competing wearable brands in demand, social media buzz, as well as a form of customer satisfaction measurement called net promoter score.

At the end of the day, Wall Street reportedly estimates quarterly shipment numbers at around 5.5 million units, slightly under forecasts from a month back, but likely over both Fitbit and Jawbone tallies. It’s also good to remember fancy smartwatches and basic fitness trackers don’t play in the same league when it comes to profit margins, as Cupertino’s 5.5M sales probably generated $2.6 billion in revenue and $0.11 in EPS (earnings per share).

Those are certainly not iPhone-level gains nowadays, but people seem to be talking about the Apple Watch as if it saw daylight yesterday, and that suggests Q1 2016 demand will remain steady, even as a sequel looms large.

Apple Watch social media

According to Argus Insights, the iPhone-compatible timepiece kept Fitbits and Jawbones at arm’s length every week from the end of August to December 26 in social media mentions, including on Black Friday, when the budget-specialized rivals cranked up the discounts.

Finally, when asked how likely they were to recommend their products to friends and colleagues, Apple Watch owners overwhelmingly responded positively in the past few months, compared to Fitbit users, of which a much smaller sample would wholeheartedly endorse the smart bands.

Source: Forbes

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