Can you imagine just how successful a “game-changing” next-gen Apple Watch with advanced health-tracking features could prove if the first two “series” totally dominated the wearable industry without a very clear, specific and compelling use case?

Of course, when we heard a little while ago of Cupertino’s “secret” team of top biomedical experts working on some innovative new way to monitor one’s glucose levels to help with the early detection and treatment of diabetes, it all sounded like a distant pipe dream. The latest in a long line of projects, concepts and patents envisioning the utility and life-altering aspects of smartwatches down the line.

But according to some fresh BGR speculation, based on the words of an anonymous “source familiar with Apple’s plans”, this particular market-revolutionizing idea might actually come to fruition surprisingly soon.

There’s no ETA spelled out, though little is left up in the air when insiders claim “the time may now be right” for the Apple Watch to get a noninvasive, convenient and accurate method of supervising the wearer’s blood sugar.

This could even be part of a larger initiative to bring interchangeable “smart watch bands” to the iPhone-compatible wearable device, easily adding functionality without overcomplicating the design and production of the base Apple Watch or significantly raising its standalone costs.

Other optional extras might include a camera, backup battery and perhaps sleep-tracking technology, but we probably shouldn’t expect everything to happen this year. After all, so far we were led to believe that the Series 3 would only come with small endurance upgrades and built-in LTE connectivity.

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