Apple Watch seems to already disappoint its own creator

We’ve continuously discussed how the state of wearables is, in an odd way, disappointing. The added value of notifications in a watch doesn’t seem to be as appealing as the industry would think, and many of us have set our expectations in the Apple Watch as the device that will change that. We’re just a few months away from the official launch teased by Tim Cook, but it seems that this won’t be the product Apple intended.

In a lengthy article, the Wall Street Journal has shared some inside information on how the Apple Watch is not what the company envisioned. Apple’s original plan was to position the device as a health sensing super device capable of measuring a many metrics, from blood pressure to heart rate monitoring, to even Glucose levels, something which would’ve become a much-needed solution for diabetics. Sadly, it seems that all the bevy of sensors at the bottom ended up disappointing Cupertino upon testing. Variables from people with hairy arms, to people with dry skin all affected how the watch would measure information, and made all the results inconsistent. The idea was for the Apple Watch to replace products like even an EKG according to the report, but most of the tests failed to meet Apple standards by basic things like how tight users would wear the watch.

Apple apparently still has plans to nail these needs in future Apple Watch updates, but it clearly means that the first-generation product won’t bring the innovation that’s expected in future generations, much like the first-generation iPhone and iPad. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more from the product in weeks to come.

Source: WSJ
Via: BGR

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