The Apple Watch of the future could recognize and help solve medical emergencies

Wearable devices and especially fancy smartwatches are still at the beginning of their life-altering and industry-revolutionizing road. They continue to be viewed as rudimentary toys or fashion accessories by even their most ardent supporters, but before long, they should do more for your health than just count steps.

Without exaggerating one bit, they could save lives. Already, some of the pricier ones can monitor your heart rate and send warnings to your wrist to ease up on your workouts or visit a doctor. But Apple is looking to take things to the next level, with a “care event detection and alerts” system patent application filed just the other day.

Nowhere in the complex and intricate documentation does the Apple Watch’s name come up, yet we highly doubt Cupertino intends to develop separate products leveraging this technology.

In a nutshell, if ever mass-manufactured and released commercially, the “care event”-recognizing software would partner with “iWatches” and iPhones to send alerts to family, friends and health specialists whenever it detects trouble.

Whether you’ve had a car crash, bike accident, heart attack or aneurysm, you’ve fallen to the ground, been involved in a mugging, fire or avalanche, or had a child separated from their caregiver, Apple wants to work out a multi-tiered system of emergency notifications.

First, and if your life wasn’t in immediate danger, a spouse, parent or close friend would be notified of your crisis. Then, as the situation escalates or your next of kin doesn’t come to the rescue, the Apple Watch may directly inform the authorities, call 911 or provide any sort of assistance you might need.

Not only a game changer, this breakthrough could literally be a life saver, but obviously, Cupertino requires various approvals, not to mention a lot of time and money invested in making the technology error-proof.

Source: USPTO
Via: Apple Insider

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