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Apple Watch companion app icon might look like this

By Anton D. Nagy February 3, 2015, 8:56 am

The Apple Watch is coming, there’s no doubt about it. It would have been better (for the company, and potential users) if Apple would have done what they usually do with “available now”, instead of letting six months pass from the introduction to availability, but that’s not up for debate here. Mid-to-late spring is when the Apple Watch will probably be available (that is likely April, instead of March), but, even so, we’ve got something to get you through the waiting.

The companion application via which the Apple Watch will keep in touch with your iPhone or iPad will most likely have the below icon. There’s nothing to look at beyond the icon, and iconography itself, as the alleged upcoming official icon doesn’t reveal too much. Instead, we’re looking at the profile of the Apple Watch, with the button, digital crown on the side, and the clip, being (simplistically) called out.

In any case, two more months is what you have to wait in order to get it, and, with MWC just around the corner, time will fly by fast, so don’t worry if you’re becoming impatient, maybe whatever Pebble’s got cooking might steal you away from the Apple Watch dream.

Apple Watch logo

Source: Twitter (@markgurman)
Via: Redmond Pie

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