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“Buy one, get one” device offers at the carriers converting from covering devices to a general credit drop these days.

T-Mobile is offering a BOGO deal on two Apple Watch Series 3 devices when both are attached on a DIGITS service plan — where the watch shares a number with a phone on the account. For a limited time, customers can get $215 in credits applied over 24 months if they put two devices on equipment installment plans. For the record, $215 is half off an aluminium Apple Watch Series 3 42mm or a Apple Watch Nike+ 42mm. The full price range for available configurations run from $399.99 to $649.99 and down payments may be required for products costing $599.99 and above.

Customers can upgrade from their current smartwatches if they already have them to take advantage of this offer. Keep in mind that the DIGITS plan with data is required and that costs $10 per month after AutoPay on top of users’ current service charges.

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