Even though many of us are still skeptical about acquiring an Apple Watch when launched a few weeks from now, there should be others who already have their credit cards ready. For all the rest that still can’t make up their minds, Apple decided to give you all the opportunity to set an appointment and test one out at your local Apple Store. Still, it seems that Cupertino is aware that the wearable market has been so sluggish over the last couple of years, and as such, has apparently decided to apply some desperate.

Internal sources close to Apple’s retail system claim that Apple Store employees are already being briefed about how to sell the Apple Watch. An internal memo recently got leaked, and it apparently states that Apple has given second thought to its “Apple Watch appointment system,” and has now decided to set this as a recommendation, but not a standard. This means that any customer can walk into an Apple Store and give an Apple Watch a try, so long as there are available for this purpose.

These units should be available at Apple Stores as of April 10th when pre-orders for the device begin, so if you’re still debating if this move is right for you, you know where you should be on that date.

Source: 9to5Mac

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