Apple Watch app HeartRate logged abnormal rates, may have saved a life

The Apple Watch has had its share of bad and good coverage. It has burned some people, for sure, but it has also helped many others. One of those people recently went into the doctor’s office and found blood clots that could have made short work of that person’s life.

That person was James Green, who went to his doctor after the third-party watchOS app HeartWatch suggested to him that his pulse rates were unusually high. Consulting with his doctor, the 28-year-old found a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism and is getting it fixed. Here’s what Green said.

I got an alert from HeartWatch that my heart rate was continually above my resting heart rate of 54, even when I was just sitting at my desk. That along with other symptoms I was having was enough data I needed to act on it, and realise it wasn’t a panic attack (since I have severe generalised anxiety), that it was something more.

Green did not have the Apple Watch Series 3 with background heart rate tracking and red zone alerts. Instead, it was the HeartRate app that indicated these changes. It can also track other fitness metrics like sleep and workouts.

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