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New sales estimate puts the Apple Watch at ‘almost’ 7 million, as Xiaomi Mi Band crosses 10M mark

By Adrian Diaconescu November 5, 2015, 7:57 am

Just how many Apple Watches are out there, on the wrists of early adopters? Possibly a tougher question to answer precisely than what Donald Trump’s wig is made of. But one thing is clear. Cupertino’s iPhone-compatible wearable isn’t the box-office lemon haters claim.

Obviously, it’s not an iPhone 6s-like blockbuster either, yet at “nearly” 7 million unit shipments approximated by market research firm Canalys, it easily dwarfs all Android, Tizen and RTOS-powered rivals.

As Fitbit recently indicated, smartwatches and lower-cost, lower-end fitness trackers cater to different industry segments, so the remarkable 10 million cumulative sales posted so far by the super-basic Xiaomi Mi Band shouldn’t distress Apple.

Or Pebble, which barely moved 200,000 of its cross platform-supporting, long-lasting timepieces in Q3 2015. Or Samsung, which saw its Gear numbers fall under 200K in anticipation of the circular Gear S2. Or all other smartwatch manufacturers, none of which managed to achieve at least 200,000 copies sold in the July – September timeframe.

Back to Xiaomi’s mind-blowing feat, we should mention the Mi Band is over a year old, and in Q3, it probably fell behind Fitbit’s 4.8M tally. But the Mi Band was alone, and the last rumored peak, of 6 mil units, was conquered in June. Hence, sales aren’t slowing down, possibly still accelerating.

As for the Apple Watch, if the 7 million total is to be trusted, that represents more than the combined figures of all direct contenders in the previous five quarters. That’s right, five, as in 15 months. And the report only takes into account the wearable’s first 150 days or so in store shelves, including an initial period of patchy availability. Do you still dare call it a flop?

Source: Canalys

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