Apple Watch 2: New pricey options, less iPhone dependent, FaceTime camera

The Apple Watch was barely launched in a few markets two months ago, and just a few days ago on Apple Stores. Users are still mixed about how useful this wearable is, up to the point that some wouldn’t even recommend it to a friend. If you’re holding up for the Apple Watch 2 and expecting a much better watch than the one currently being sold, we learn more about it today.

Trusted sources claim that Cupertino might launch a few band updates for the Apple Watch later this year, but that we might not see a second generation unit until 2016. These sources claim that Apple might improve the product in a few ways, and leave it as it is in others though, so let’s go through the details.

FaceTime video camera
Apple is definitely not a company famous for gimmicks, but things might change with the Apple Watch 2 as sources claim that a FaceTime camera will be included in the top of the bezel. FaceTime Audio is included in watchOS 2, but the Apple Watch’s speaker is terrible even inside a moving vehicle where this could be most handy. There is no mention if the speaker will improve on the Apple Watch 2, but this would be necessary if Apple plans to have you do video calling.

Extra iPhone independence
The current state of most smartwatches today is that a smartphone is needed, and the iPhone is no exception. The source claims that Apple has a new initiative called “Tether-less,” which plans to make the wearable more independent. At the moment activity tracking, mobile payments and music playback are independent, but the rumors claim that other things like text messaging, emailing, and weather data might join the crowd. To do this Apple is apparently including a more powerful Wi-Fi chipset, and it seems to be strong enough to enable a “Find my watch” feature as well.

Additional variants
Even though the Apple Watch was highly criticized for its price, the source claims that Apple is only going to make this worse. Sports and regular models might remain in the same price point, but it seems that Cupertino is looking to build watches that fit between the $1,000 and $10,000 price point that currently exists between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. To be able to do this, the report claims that Apple is considering new materials like titanium, tungsten, palladium, and even platinum.

Things that might not change are battery life though, as it seems that Apple’s surveys have pointed to user satisfaction in having a watch charged every day, and proof of that is the new night stand feature, which replaces the sleep tracking that other wearables provide. We should learn more about the Apple Watch 2 in months to come.

Source: 9to5Mac

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