‘Minor’ Apple Watch revision with FaceTime camera, not full-on sequel in the works

Waiting with bated breath for an Apple Watch 2 capable of delivering better bang for buck than its predecessor? Standalone cellular connectivity, maybe, some extra health functionality, superior activity tracking, those kinds of things?

Unfortunately, while rumors of a new wearable model might hold true, this is unlikely to be a “full 2.0” version. Instead, insiders quoted by Techcrunch now claim, you could be merely looking at the same old hardware with a FaceTime camera added in the mix and “not much else.”

Worse yet, not even that minor-sounding rehash is confirmed for a commercial launch as early as March. You shouldn’t be shocked to see design partnerships or accessories announced next month, as Cupertino takes its sweet time thinking of ways to revolutionize the fledgling smartwatch market.

Likewise, on the software front, there doesn’t seem to be sufficient movement in testing channels to suggest WatchOS 3.0 is close-by. But “some interesting new patterns in Apple’s supply chain” are being observed that “are making the waters more murky than before”, so it’s possible the Apple Watch will come out of nowhere soon.

Bottom line, no one knows nothing for sure at this time, with the most optimistic scenario calling for both an Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6c out this spring, and pessimistic theories expecting indefinite “delays.”

Source: Techcrunch

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