The major WWDC announcements might have happened on day 1 of the event, but it is still going on, and Apple has revealed that it has begun testing passkeys. This feature will allow customers to use Face ID and Touch ID-based account authentication instead of a password.

Apple passkey is part of iCloud Keychains, a test version of the technology that will come with iPhones, iPads, and Macs later this year. You can set up an account on a website or app using a passkey. To do this, you need to first choose a username for the new account. Apple will then allow you to use FaceID or Touch ID to confirm that it’s really you who’s using the device. Hence, enabling you not to pick up a password ever.

Apple passkey generation is handled by your device, and the iCloud Keychain synchronizes across all your Apple devices. You will then be able to use passkey for authentication later. To use it, you will be prompted to confirm your username and verify yourself with FaceID or Touch ID. However, for all this to happen, developers need to update their login procedures to support passkeys. It is reportedly an adaptation of the existing WebAuthn technology.

“Because it’s just a single tap to sign in, it’s simultaneously easier, faster, and more secure than almost all common forms of authentication today,” Garrett Davidson, an Apple authentication experience engineer, said Wednesday at the company’s annual WWDC developer conference.

Apple passkey is designed to be more secure than conventional passwords, which are plagued with security shortcomings. Plus, creating a unique password for every website and account could be a tedious task. Hence, Apple and Microsoft, Google, and other companies are working to come up with alternatives.


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