When it comes to TV shows, Apple thinks that the best approach is to focus on quality, not on quantity. The iPhone maker announced its own Apple TV+ video subscription service back in March, and really believes that it is not the best business model to have a large catalogue of TV shows.

Opposed to Netflix, which has a lot of TV shows, and which is not necessarily a bad business model, Apple will be focusing on making the “best” TV shows, said Senior VP Eddy Cue. He also added that focusing more on quality titles, rather than on the quantity, is what really Apple’s business model is with Apple TV+.

New movies and shows will be released by Apple every month, but those won’t amount the the quantity Netflix is putting out there, for which the company was often criticized. “Netflix has been accused of sometimes overwhelming viewers, with only a handful of originals really meriting close attention“, Engadget reports.

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