Apple vs Qualcomm battle just got more interesting thanks to the ITC

The Apple vs Qualcomm legal battle continues and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. The International Trade Commission yesterday issued a final ruling siding with Apple, while an ITC administrative judge made a non-binding recommendation that supported Qualcomm in another.

Qualcomm is seeking a ruling to ban iPhone 7, 8 and X smartphone models equipped with Intel modem chips. Banning iPhones would make them unavailable in the United States, as they are manufactured overseas. A U.S Federal Trade Commission ruling, as well as a major trial, are expected to commence next month.

The ITC, which is the authority with competence in hearing disputes over patented technology, is split in its decision.

Of the two cases decided on Tuesday by the ITC, the ruling favorable to Apple can only be appealed to a federal court. The ruling favorable to Qualcomm faces review by the full six-member ITC, which will make a final decision“, notes Reuters. You can read the full report at the source link below.

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