Apple vs HTC – Patents Invalid According To HTC

Ok so the way these patent lawsuits go is that one says one thing and the other defends himself with another thing until the Judge gets tired and simply decides to hit one of them, which is most likely the one with the weaker defense. As the lawsuit Apple filed against HTC continues, HTC is defending themselves by rejecting Apples claims.

In technical terms, “HTC’s rebuttal claims that the four patents violate rules regarding prior art as well as those for non-obviousness, originality and usefulness. Much of Apple’s lawsuit is also targeting technology that HTC contracts out to third parties rather than anything created in-house.”


So why is this getting interesting? Well, earlier this week Apple was granted the patent for the slide to unlock feature and this is one of the reasons HTC got sued. So yeah, HTC’s response seems kind of ironic but we do see this fight getting worse for HTC in the short run. This is part of only one of the two lawsuits Apple has filed against HTC so the story won’t get any better before it gets worse.

Many speculate this is all really just Apple trying to fight Google’s Android operating system and HTC is the sorry dude in the middle, but whatever the reason, I must say they still suck. In my opinion Apple is too broad when it comes to their patents and I wouldn’t be amazed if they eventually sue Motorola for inventing the cellphone. Lame way to beat competition by always trying to wet their beaks with the sales from others if you ask me..

(via: Electronista)

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