Apple Video

Apple is most of the times late to the show, whether it’s a product feature, or a service. This was the case with Apple Music arriving to a market dominated by Spotify and other services. It became a serious competitor in a relatively short period of time. Analysts are expecting the same when it comes to Apple Video, the company’s yet unannounced video streaming service. It will arrive late to a market dominated by Netflix and other key players.

A CNBC report is citing Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty who believes “Apple’s attractive and sticky customer set combined with low friction sign-up and payment system could drive users to its video platform, even with a less complete content portfolio vs. Netflix“. Huberty also believes that the service will launch next year, and it will generate $500 million in 2019 alone. Extrapolating to the next six years, she believes Apple Video can generate sales of $4.4 billion in 2025.

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