Apple v. Samsung: partial judgment against Samsung means little for now

But spoiler alert: it’s not looking good for Samsung. It may not be nearly the $1.05 billion penalty the Korean OEM was looking at when the final gavel first came down in this case, but still having $548 million on the line isn’t a good option for the chaebol, either. One of the late developments we got in Apple’s patent suit was that a few of the patents Cupertino contended that Samsung infringed shouldn’t have been granted to them in the first place.

Yesterday, Samsung made legal moves to ask that one of Apple’s patents focusing on a pinch-to-zoom API be made invalid as a matter of law or to stay the original case so that the Patent and Trademark Office can make a final decision on granting the patent. Today, the judge for the Northern California United States District Court rejected Samsung’s requests and levied judgment — and with it, the $548 million in damages — against Samsung.

Of course, from this point, the case can head to federal appellate court and, if need be, to the Supreme Court. Since Samsung earlier told the judge that the company would not surrender funds for the penalty in the case of a partial final ruling, no money changes hands at this point. But the feet dragging over the issue of the questionable statuses of patents and the sales bans continues. If Apple wants to prove a point by basing future cases off of this precedent, it’d better be prepared to — at the very least — wait.

Source: Northern California US District Court
Via: FOSS Patents

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