Apple wants a gift from Samsung. It’s money. Okay, it wouldn’t be a gift, it would be a favorable judgment in court. After a crucial Apple patent that was part of the basis of the company’s legal entanglement with Samsung was invalidated, Samsung paid up more than half a billion dollars in damages it owed to Apple. Samsung, in lieu of a reversal of judgment against the company, is waiting to see if it can make its case in the Supreme Court.

Consider this next move a hiking of the stakes as a damages expert has asked Northern California District Court to allow supplemental damages to be added to the judgment against Samsung. These damages are based on patent infringements dating beyond the jury trial and prejudgment interest.

The bill stands at about $180 million.

Apple is going full tilt on wringing every last bit of impunity against what it claims as a patent-infringing entity. Whether or not the current validity of the patent in question will matter anytime soon is up for the courts to bring into their business.

Merry Christmas.

Source: FOSS Patents
Via: The Verge

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