Apple v. Samsung: $533 million for design patent infringement

Judge Lucy Koh has awarded Apple a total of $538.6 million in damages as a result of Samsung’s infringement of patents.

The jury verdict puts a cap to more than six years of litigation over whether the chaebol copied protected aspects of iPhones such as the screen and bezel design and the icon grid design of the home screen and how much should it pay to its counterpart. According to FOSS Patents, $533.3 million has been granted for design patent damages while $5.3 million was awarded for infringement against several utility patents.

Apple was initially awarded about $1 billion in the original 2012 verdict, but that number was reduced with certain patents and packaging infringement claims thrown out. Cupertino wanted to keep the original figure while Samsung wanted to pay only about $30 million.

All 16 Samsung products that Apple deemed to have included infringing design aspects were sought fit for damages — this includes four Galaxy S II variants and two Galaxy S variants with the highest single-device total goes to the Galaxy S 4G at $75,925,367.

The Supreme Court had been sent this case, but tossed it back to the district court to determine the premise of “an article of manufacture” and what a patent counts as such — the entire product or certain parts of it.

Speaking to Law360 editor Dorothy Atkins, one juror said that her party found the D’677 patent — which embodies the front facade of the iPhone’s initial design — applying to parts while the D’305 patent — the home screen grid — was indicative of the whole phone.

FOSS‘s Florian Mueller says that Samsung could extend its litigation or even file an appeal. It’s also possible that the company could just pay up and rest the case after years of grueling court procedures.

See the link below for the full payout details.

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