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Apple users can now share in-app purchases and subscriptions with family

By Prakhar Khanna December 4, 2020, 1:30 am
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At WWDC 2020, Apple took the stage to announce a new feature that would let you share in-app paid content with family. Now, the option is finally rolling out to developers and users running the latest iOS and macOS versions. While you can already use Apple ID through iCloud Family Sharing to share the purchases you’ve made on the App Store, there was no way to share the in-app purchases. They remained non-shareable, until now.

Apple announced the new sharing options as part of iOS 14, iPadOS. 14, and macOS Big Sur. The option to share in-app purchases and subscriptions with family is now finally rolling out to the developers and users running iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. Moreover, Apple notified some users about apps that now offer the new feature. To enable in-app purchases and subscription sharing with family, there is a new toggle available in the Settings.


You can go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions to enable eligible subscriptions sharing with family members through iCloud Family Sharing. You can also disable subscription sharing for a specific app.

That said, not all apps support in-app purchases and subscriptions sharing with family. Developer Steve Harris noted that developers need to manually enable Family Sharing for their apps through the App Store Connect portal.

Not sure if this is an iOS 14.3 feature or not, but nice touch regardless: when a developer enables Family Sharing for subscriptions, you get a notification and you can choose to share it with other family members or not.

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This comes as positive news for those who have multiple paid apps with in-app purchases used by family members. You’ll no longer need to pay for the same app again on family member devices.


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