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Apple updates Clips to add fun AR Spaces using iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR sensor

By Nadeem Sarwar April 26, 2021, 7:30 pm
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Apple’s Clips app that allows users to create videos using filters, emojis, and a host of other fun effects has received an update (v3.1). The app now takes advantage of the LiDAR sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro duo and iPad Pro to create cool AR effects that overlay on your surroundings to make your videos look more fun and immersive. These filters come to life courtesy of a new feature in the app called AR Spaces. Following are the seven new AR Spaces that have been added to the Clips app:

Prism: Ribbons of rainbow light scan the walls, floors, and objects in a room.
Confetti: Celebratory bursts of confetti fall and accumulate on flat surfaces.
Disco: Shining lights reflect off the disco ball that hangs from the ceiling of the space.
Dance Floor: Colorful tiles of light dance in patterns across the floor.
Sparkles: Golden sparkle emoji and white glitter fill the space.
Stardust: Magical trails of starlight encircle and follow a person in the video.
Hearts: Floating heart balloons bubble up within the space.

AR Spaces clips

“Combined with the tight integration of Apple’s hardware and software, Clips 3.1 now enables users to record amazing videos with magical effects that map to the shape of a room and the objects within it,” says Apple in the official newsroom post. The company adds that the LiDAR sensor on supported iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro models first scans a room and then shows a live preview of the filter that appears as an overlay over surrounding elements such as walls, objects, and the floor.

More AR Spaces will be added to the Clips app down the road

Adding more details about the AR Spaces, Apple says that the Clips app employs what it calls AR segmentation and occlusion to identify the subject and then applies the filters around them. Users can choose to add more elements such as stickers, labels, and emojis over the AR Spaces to make their videos even more appealing, irrespective of the aspect ratio and orientation they are recorded in. The company also promises that more AR filters will be added to the Clips app in the foreseeable future, and users can now choose to be notified when new content arrives in the app.

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