On its own the new Apple TV is a substantial improvement to its predecessor. The product that was once a hobby for Cupertino has now grown up to have its own operating system, and ecosystem as well. We all know that all the pieces of this puzzle aren’t finished though as Apple’s rumored streaming service was not announced on the company’s last event, and today we learn why.

CBS CEO Les Moonves was in a recent interview with Bloomberg and one of his claims had to do with Apple’s future streaming service. According to Moonves, Apple is having conversations with everyone about the streaming service project. Moonves pretty much confirmed that CBS has already had these conversations, and that even though there is confidence that the service will happen, no one can predict when it’ll happen sadly.

Apple’s TV streaming service is rumored to revolutionize television consumption by giving users the chance to stream local content on demand. It’s definitely a significant challenge, and specially in Apple’s home territory, so we’ll keep an eye on how that plays out.

Source: Bloomberg, 9to5Mac (image)
Via: iMore

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