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Apple TV overtakes Roku in premium video viewing

By Jaime Rivera June 4, 2015, 2:55 pm

Even though Apple has always called the Apple TV a hobby, that’s simply because the company has struggled to find success in the market. At a time when Google’s Chromecast has such an irresistible price tag, you’d think that the Apple TV would be bleading market share when compared to much smaller and more aggressive competitors, but the fact of the story is actually the complete opposite.

The Apple TV has actually doubled its share of premium viewing in just one quarter, going from a small 5% to 10% in Q4/2015. You might think this number is small, but it just dethrowned Roku’s supremacy given it only grew from 7 to 8% in that same period of time. If you’re wondering why this is happening, and particularly given how many Roku variants exist in the market, analysts predict that it has everything to do with Apple’s recent price cut to its streaming box, in addition to cool exclusives like HBO GO. Apple’s consumer base is also a determining factor here, but the analysis even confirms that the Apple TV is also defeating competitors in free video streaming from sources like YouTbe.

Analysts also mention that PC video streaming is on decline rapidly, and giving in to tablets and products like the Apple TV. We’ll most likely hear more about the future of the Apple TV on Apple’s WWDC Keynote.


Source: ADI
Via: MacRumors

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