Over the years, reports of Apple’s home entertainment ambitions have ebbed and flowed. The Apple-branded television that once sounded like such a sure thing ended up being the stuff of vaporware, but at least we still had the Apple TV set-top box. That hardware’s still been the subject of no shortage of rumors, especially concerning Apple’s interest in producing its own video content, or selling access to major channels just like a cable company might. As Apple continues to work out just what it would like its role in app this to be, it’s been giving Apple TV more and more features, especially when it comes to Siri. Today we’re looking at the intersection between Siri and live-TV streaming, as Apple begins promoting Siri’s Live Tune-In feature.

Apple TV owners have recently found their hardware picking up a bunch of new features, all highlighted on a convenient “What’s New” screen. In addition to things like folder creation and support for wireless keyboards, the screen now advertises this Live Tune-In mode.

You could already use individual apps to access live streams from their respective content creators, but this Siri Live Tune-In update simplifies how users can get access to those. Rather than manually pulling up such streams, users can simply say something along the lines of “watch CBS,” and Apple TV will pull up the appropriate CBS app and launch the stream.

Such live streams often require subscriptions in order to access them, so while not everyone will be able to get the full benefit of Siri Live Tune-In, the feature’s there for those who can.

Source: Mac Rumors

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