Apple CEO Tim Cook took a couple of hours to deliver the state of the company to his employees.

Along with celebrating another fantastic holiday sales season, teasing the second office campus for a January 2017 ribbon-cutting, expanding employee benefits and more, Cook had some interesting outlooks for its mobile hardware and services.

The executive said that the iPhone is the “greatest business of the future,” perhaps for decades. Apple has made India its number one emerging market target with plans to bring official retail presence there. It will extend its presence in China as well. What Apple also wants to do is to penetrate areas with no or slow LTE network development. Cook cites company research that says that people in these markets would pay high sums of money for a great mobile experience.

Apple has gone on an international price chopping spree counter to that research, but it could be the building blocks to mounting a strategy around the data.

On the software side, the traditionally-gilded fruit has recently opened up with the exports of three apps to the Android side. Cook puts Apple Music as the crux of growth with its extended public beta period.

Microsoft and Google came first in the mobile-sphere, but will Apple be able to win the race through its specific design tendencies and its imaging? It’s having its chance right now.

Source: 9to5Mac
Via: Engadget

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