Hundreds of millions of us get our media fix with the help of Apple devices, whether on the go with iPhones or iPads, or at home with Apple TV. So it’s only understandable that Apple would love little more than to further cash in on that content market, and instead of letting users access media produced by third parties, be the one generating all that stuff we want to consume. And while Apple’s already got deals with plenty of these firms to sell their content through the likes of iTunes, its negotiations haven’t been smooth across the board, like with the troubles we heard the company faced when trying to work out streaming rights for Apple TV. All this considered, doesn’t it make a lot of sense for Apple to dip into its deep pockets and invest in becoming a major media player in its own right? It may be thinking about doing just that, and a recent report suggests that Apple could hit the ground running with an attempt to buy part or all of Time Warner.

Time Warner may not formally be for sale just yet, but Apple’s reportedly got a close eye on the company in the interest of snatching up whatever holdings become available. Those include big names like HBO, CNN, and the CW.

All this may be possible because of dwindling Time Warner share prices, drawing all manner of investors out of the woodwork; beyond Apple, AT&T and Fox may also be eying Time Warner assets in the hopes of fleshing out their own media holdings.

Neither Apple nor Time Warner have commented on this speculative interest, but reportedly Apple’s Eddy Cue has been heading up efforts to look into just what might be possible here.

Source: The NY Post
Via: iClarified

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