Apple’s smart home Amazon Echo rival reportedly enters prototype testing phase

Talk about perfect timing. Just as we were trying to make heads or tails of one of the FCC’s most enigmatic Apple product filings in recent history, the always knowledgeable Bloomberg was quoting “people familiar with the matter” as suggesting the Cupertino development of an “Echo-like smart-home device” is nearing completion.

So, yeah, what we assumed to be the fifth-generation Apple TV with 4K support receiving regulatohry approval may actually materialize as a home automation hub “based on the Siri voice assistant”, and gifted with “more advanced microphone and speaker technology” to eclipse the Echo and Google Home.

Hopefully, the… Apple Home (?) “Siri-driven” smart speaker won’t cost a fortune as a consequence of its “advanced” capabilities, ultimately sounding like it performs the same basic tasks as its existing rivals.

You know, voice controls for various appliances, locks, lights and curtains, Apple Music streaming, traffic and weather reports, general web browsing, alarm setting, e-mail reading, text message sending via a connected iPhone, those sorts of things, simply by asking Siri nicely to leave your hands out of it all.

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no commercial release timeline to offer you, as prototype tests could take a few more weeks, months or even a year before Tim Cook gives his green light.

Source: Bloomberg

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