Apple quietly launches $99 Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

While iOS is known for making the most of the typically small batteries inside iPhones, with various software optimizations bringing the autonomy numbers fairly close to Android endurance champions, there’s no denying “wall-hugging” remains a problem in Apple land.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are rated at up to 14 and 24 hours of continuous 3G talk time respectively, lasting even less in real life between charges if you constantly surf the web on an LTE connection, or play high-quality video.

Some of the more convenient methods of adding juice on top of the two’s 1,715 and 2,750 mAh cell capacity include your now ubiquitous universal power banks, as well as energy packs designed specifically for the new iPhones by third parties like Mophie.

Out of nowhere, Cupertino just started selling its own “juice pack” capable of doubling as a protective case, only good to extend the battery stamina of the iPhone 6 and 6s at the moment. No words on similar “Smart Battery Cases” dropping in the immediate future for Plus models, or perhaps the 5 and 5s, while this road-opening accessory costs $99 in white or charcoal gray.

That’s surprisingly on-par with top-tier rivals from other manufacturers, and if Apple’s promises are to be taken for granted, the battery case should offer an increased talk time of up to 25 hours, LTE Internet use up to 18 hours, and video playback up to 20.

Compared to Mophie’s sometimes awkward solutions, this obviously fits the iPhone 6s and 6 like a glove, sheltering the two’s aluminum bodies with soft microfiber lining and providing comfort and grip to the hand with a “silky”, soft-touch silicone exterior. The only question bugging us is what took Apple so long?

Source: Apple
Via: The Verge

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