You don’t need NPH’s charisma, Jaime Lannister’s gallantry, or even the Cookie Monster’s adorkability to come up with an Apple commercial with stellar viral potential. And you definitely don’t need onions either.

All it takes is a dedicated, talented community of iFans, and the almost surprisingly capable 12MP rear-facing cameras of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These have been the protagonists of several “Shot on iPhone” publicity stunts of late, including billboards and a special 30-second Mother’s Day clip compiled by Apple based on touching stills and short vids sent by users.

Now it’s time to check out fresh submissions from iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners, carefully curated by Apple to stir up all the feels while getting a simple point across – no matter the surrounding conditions, time of day or lighting, these snappers are the bomb.

They can beautifully capture a menacing hippo as it prepares to attack, a bunch of cute penguins going about their day, an exuberant dog running in slow motion through tall foliage, thick clouds from a moving airplane, swarming bees, as well as humans spectacularly diving into the ocean in reverse.

Our personal favorite? Definitely Craig J’s artistic rendition of an otherwise scary aquatic mammal sighting, although Polo S.’s musical choice following his pet’s rush to nowhere also feels like perfection. By the way, the track is Chocolate by Jesse Rose and Trozé. You’re welcome!

Source: YouTube

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