Apple’s Sep 9 event Rumor Roundup: The iPhone 6 is just part of it

Love it or hate it, tomorrow is probably one of the biggest days of the year for the smartphone market. Apple may not be the biggest smartphone seller in the world, but the world’s most popular smartphone has belonged to Apple almost every year, since its inception in the summer of 2007. There are a ton of rumors of what to expect for Apple’s September 9 event, so let’s try to place all these rumors into perspective, as it seems that Apple is launching more than one product tomorrow.

iPhone 6

iphone_6_1-still004Rumors claim that Apple is planning to change everything all over again when it comes to the iPhone. After months of speculation, we could say that all the major sources for leaks agree that there will be two iPhone models, a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6. The first batch of photos were mainly of the 4.7-inch model that is rumored to have begun mass production a few weeks ago, but we eventually found that the 5.5-inch model is already being manufactured as well, and if you look closely, both devices seem to be identical. Their designs are rumored to be very similar to the existing iPad Air and iPad mini, or more like if the 5th Generation iPod Touch grew taller, even up to the protruding camera as there are rumors of optical image stabilization making the cut. The three color options will apparently remain untouched, though we do expect the power button to move to the side, and some of these buttons might be recessed as well (though leaks don’t prove it).

When it comes to specifications, we expect the usual bump to an A8 chip that will reportedly have a smarter coprocessor for health and fitness tracking. NFC is also being rumored for this device as Apple might be considering mobile payments after years of dismissing it. We also heard of a special Beats chip included for music processing, but that was just one rumor. TouchID is definitely going to be part of this iPhone, and we hear that Apple has made some significant changes in the accuracy of the sensor. There has been a lot of conflict regarding the display resolution of these devices, but the latest ones claim that we shouldn’t expect more than some minor adjustments to reach Apple’s Retina Display standards. Storage options have also been conflicting, as Apple will apparently keep the 16GB option for the budget minded, and then bump things up to 64 and 128GB if you want to add some extra cash to your purchase. That extra cash is also reported to get you some sapphire protection on the display, though it’s not like Apple to do this sort of treatment. As for this bigger size, the rumors claim that Apple might adopt a new “One handed mode” to help you power through, though we’ve also seen some reports of Apps expanding in landscape in an iPad-like UI, just to help you enjoy the bigger canvas, even though the home screen might remain untouched.

Pricing is hard to predict. We do know that the iPhone 6 phablet will be more expensive than the 4.7-inch model, though we’re still not convinced that Apple will launch both iPhones at the same time. If the rumors are true, pre-orders for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will begin between tomorrow and Friday, and we should expect these devices to reach stores and your doorstep 10 days later. Sadly the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 might not be ready for a launch until December according to some credible sources, something that we’ve seen Apple do with certain iPad launches in the past.


iwatch_body_side_8sep14One product we didn’t expect to see tomorrow is the iWatch. If you’ve spent some time with iOS 8 beta and notice everything you’re getting on HealthKit, it’s literally impossible for Apple to address all this without a wearable, so it does make sense for it to be announced tomorrow. Rumors have been really conflicting, and if it weren’t for some leaked schematics that were posted today, we really wouldn’t know what it looks like.

Reports claim that there are two models, one for him and one for her, and up to four different color options for each model. The leaked schematics show us a design that mimics that of the icons of an iPhone, where you see a square with round corners, but that’s all we know about its looks. We have heard that it will sport sapphire on its display, and we hear of a bevy of sensors in order to power HealthKit for you. Specs have been hard to find, but we do hear that Apple will include NFC in order to help you pay for things with your watch. Apple has spent the last couple of months hiring experts from Nike, the health sector and even some high-level watchmaker employees to contribute in what we should see. We’ve also heard of some sports celebrities walking around the Apple campus and most likely testing these as well.

Pricing is a tough one here. We’ve heard of the price tag reaching as much as $400 or less depending on the model you choose, but a couple of months ago we even heard of thousands of dollars. The only problem is that most of the reports claim that this product won’t be ready for a launch until either December, or early 2015, which is rather disappointing if you plan to use an iPhone 6 and HealthKit for those specific reasons.


ipad_air_touch_id_mockupHistorically, Apple has never launched an iPad along with an iPhone. We have seen Apple take over its September Music event with the iPhone, but iPads are usually announced in either March or October. Still, some new reports have emerged that claim that Apple will announce its iPad lineup as well.

So far, what we’ve heard is that even though the iPad Air will retain most of its design elements, we might see some of the recessed buttons we’ve vaguely heard for the iPhone 6. We might also see TouchID, and it seems that in addition to some changes on the speaker grills, this iPad will actually be thinner and lighter than the existing model. We shouldn’t expect major changes to the A8 processor though, and storage options are rumored to mimic what we’ll see with the iPhone 6, which is rather disappointing if you think of how big tablet apps can be lately. The product we’ve heard the least about is the new iPad mini, though we assume Apple will bing these same changes to the iPad mini with Retina Display and probably retire the low-res iPad mini from two years ago.

We should expect Apple to price the iPad models at similar prices to what we see today, but who knows, we might be in for a surprise. With the stagnant iPad sales that Apple has seen in the last couple of quarters, it could be time to re-think the pricing of the iPad.

The Bottom Line

If Apple does choose to launch everything tomorrow, we could presume that the company will follow a similar launch pattern for the iPad that we’ll see with the iPhone, but we seriously doubt Apple will go this route. This would make the event last for hours, and two major product launches on the same day is not something consumers can really afford if you think of it.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be glued to the event tomorrow morning and get back to you with all the details you come to expect from our coverage. Make sure you leave your predictions in the comments down bellow as well.

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