Apple wants to help you disconnect with Screen Time and App Limits in iOS 12

Who’s copying who now? In all fairness, everyone copies everyone, and no one really copies no one. Google just so happened to talk about the Android P’s “joy of missing out” first, with Apple following suit today at WWDC 2018 by unveiling a series of similar iOS 12 features.

No, improved system performance and predictable AR revisions are not the full story here, with something called Screen Time also in the pipeline. You will be shown not only how long you use each app, but also which apps are sending the most notifications.

A weekly activity summary aims to encourage you to use your phone less by detailing exactly how addicted you are to it, and yes, you can set App Limits to make sure you’re keeping said addiction in check. Unfortunately, you can always ask for more time, although there’s obviously only so much Apple can do to help you disconnect.

“Allowances” will allow parents to enforce stricter controls over what their kids can do and for how long, with Family Sharing setup, and remote management capabilities.

Meanwhile, everybody gets more control over notifications, with Instant Tuning and, yes, grouping options. A new “Do not disturb during bedtime” mode will hide all your notifications while sleeping, although you can also customize the activation time and duration of this feature.

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