With so many rumors of Apple bringing a sapphire display into its next iOS device line-up, we’ve heard of the continuous efforts the company is doing in order to guarantee it’ll be able to deliver. The company has slowly begun to incorporate sapphire glass into things like the glass surface of the camera, or the glass surface of TouchID, but these are small steps when compared to building every single display from sapphire. Still, Apple’s need to differentiate its products is big, and we’re hearing more rumors of how the company plans to make this happen.

Even though we still haven’t seen the first results of “Project Cascade”, rumors have construction companies already bidding to expand the existing facility. Given Apple’s secrecy it’ll be hard to tell exactly what the plans are for this expansion, but it could be that the devices being tested with Sapphire displays passed, and that Apple is now ready to bring the technology to bigger products.

We’re expecting to see the first results of this technology in Apple’s next-generation iPhone, though at this point, anything can happen.

Source: Apple Insider

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