In order to cope with weaker iPhone sales, especially in China, Apple is shifting its strategy a bit focusing more on services and content, notes Reuters. As a direct result, Apple and Samsung have inked a deal which will allow Samsung TV owners to enjoy Apple iTunes content. To make this possible, Samsung will add an app to its smart TVs in the coming months, notes the report. This will enable Samsung smart TV owners to enjoy content purchased from Apple’s iTunes.

The report notes that this deal could be just one of many upcoming agreements between Apple and other TV manufacturers. The app Samsung will add to its TVs will not only allow owners to play back content, but to also buy and rent titles on iTunes. Not only that, but the report mentions that Samsung will also enable Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol on its smart TVs. This means that iPhone, iPad, or Mac users will be able to stream content from their devices to Samsung TVs.

This is the second deal involving Apple hosted content and third party hardware manufacturers. Late last year Apple said that its Apple Music content will be available on Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, despite the iPhone-maker having its own HomePod solution.

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