Apple is now owed $120 million from Samsung after the Supreme Court has denied the South Korean company’s appeal in a case regarding its Californian counterpart’s patents for the “Slide to Unlock” and “Quick Links” mechanisms.

The litigation was part of a bundle of fights dating back to 2010 on software design from early iPhone and Galaxy S devices. Apple was awarded more than $1 billion in the original 2012 verdict, but that figure has since dwindled less than half that from appeals. Federal court in California will continue to sort out damages calculations from next May.

On the two patents, Samsung was originally found to have infringed the two patents in question, though it had successfully appealed the decision before it was overturned. The next step would have been to bring this case to the highest court of the land.

The chaebol told The Verge in part that:

Our argument was supported by many who believed that the Court should hear the case to reinstate fair standards that promote innovation and prevent abuse of the patent system.

Apple has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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